Bassappella play ambient electronic music, bridging the gap between live performance and a DJ set using cutting edge technologies and traditional instruments.

We create a warm, relaxed and inviting moods with our seamless improvised sets incorporating minimalism, jazz, funk, classical and pop.

We play at Vigilante Coffee, Hyattsville every Tuesday from 3-5pm, Maryland Live Casino, the Kreeger Museum and Nanny O'Brien's regularly.  We've also played weddings, yoga classes, christenings, benefits and venues like Bossa and the Rock and Roll Hotel.

Available solo, duo (with percussion) and expandable to trio, quartet and quintet.

In addition we are experienced educators and offer a range of Music based education workshops and interactive performances. Venues have included the Kreeger Museum, Levine Music, the Bullis School and the Creative Aging Festivals in Fairfax County.



Bassist/producer Chris Brown (Ron Holloway Band, Moonshine Society) began performing solo sets in mid 2013 covering his favorite obscure and beautiful music in intimate settings, playing songs by artists including U2, Michael Jackson, Bobby McFerrin, and Louis Armstrong through to contemporary electronica, minimalist and ambient music relating to artists like Sigur Ros, Erik Satie, Brian Eno and Terry Riley.

He is often joined by classically trained percussionist Manny Arciniega who augments the cinematic sound with a variety of mallet instruments, hand drums, laptop and a bag of sonic toys.

Together they create warm, inviting music perfect for setting an intimate mood in a range of venues from museums and galleries to more traditional club and bar settings.

Industry professionals with 30 years combined experience performing internationally Bassappella is an entirely self contained unit providing their own sound and light.  Contact us for rates and availability.